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6 Reasons You Should Never Opt for Cheap Solar Solutions

Posted By info@hybridenergyconcepts.com

Remember, going cheap is not always the best option. For instance, if you opt for a cheap roofing material for your home, it will not last. In fact, it might get even more expensive in the long run as you end up carrying out repairs and maintenance activities much more often. Unfortunately, businesses are always on the lookout to make sales by offering low prices that are sometimes too good to be true. It even applies to many solar solutions.

Many cheap solar solutions can be found in the market, with incredibly low prices and very high promises. They might provide cheap solar panels or use cheap installation techniques. Regardless, it is essential never to compromise on the qualities of your solar panel installation, and for a good reason: they are a danger to your well-being and wallet.

Solar panels are a commitment to a better life and a better relationship with the environment, but it is essential to do things the right way. Opting for cheap panels or cheap installation might just do the opposite. Instead of providing you with reliable power, it might just provide you with constant stress. This article will tell you exactly why you are much better off investing in more high-quality solar panels and high-quality installation.

1. The panels are cheap

The panels are the powerhouse of the system. They capture solar energy and allow the system to convert it into electricity. On the other hand, good solar panels are durable and resistant to hotspots and the like, ensuring maximum performance for a longer period.

With cheap solar solutions, unfortunately, you will not get good panels. The panels installed are going to be lousy in quality. They are also typically non-branded panels—known to corrode, delaminate, yellow, and more. These cheap panels are fragile, meaning they are easily damaged. All of these lead to the fact that a cheap solar solution will not produce enough electricity. In fact, these problems can lead to the total failure of the entire system, leaving you powerless and relying on the grid again.

2. The inverters are bad

The inverter's job is to convert light into power. It is generally measured by how efficient it is. Branded and high-quality inverters offer high-efficiency and are one of the most important aspects of any solar solution. 

Unfortunately, cheap solutions also mean cheap inverters, which are damaged too quickly. This can lead to inefficient systems that slowly burn a hole through your wallet as it requires frequent maintenance to keep running.

3. The warranty is limited

The warranty is vital for many reasons. First, it keeps your finances safe should any covered failures occur. Second, it is a guarantee about how long the solar panel will work. Also, a good warranty covers various issues, many of which only reliable and professional solar providers can handle.

With cheap solar solutions, you will get limited or short warranties. What if the company that produces the inverters no longer exists? What if the business that manufactures the solar panels has failed? You might not receive coverage for such devices. Even if they are still there, the warranty might be short or not cover many problems that commonly occur, meaning that help might not be available.

4. The installation is lousy

A good company knows that installation is a critical aspect of solar panel solutions. It can make or break the solution's efficiency, not to mention reliability and durability.

With that in mind, some cheap providers may provide branded panels at extremely low prices. They might cut corners during the installation process. This can lead to exposed cables, poorly positioned panels, broken tiles, and more. Not only does this damage significantly hurt the solar panel solution's lifespan and performance, but it can also hurt your home's and lead to costly damage later on.

5. The support is poor

As important as the solar solution itself, support plays a vital role in any solar installation. It allows you to reach out for help if needed to answer any questions you may have about your solar solution. This ensures that, when problems occur, you get the help you need!

When you work with cheap solar solutions, you will get lousy or non-existent support. These cheap solar providers know that their efforts to cut corners will lead to many problems, and they disappear as soon as they get your money. If this happens to you, the situation will leave you with no choice but to reach out to the manufacturers for support if they are still around.

6. The safety is compromised

Safety must always be the number one priority, even after the solar panel is installed. Good solar providers maximise safety by carefully installing solar panels, picking quality parts that do not lead to trouble and use special techniques to keep their workers safe.

Cheap solar providers do not care about safety. They end up installing panels badly, putting things at risk of damage and people in danger of injuries. For instance, they may not consider the high-voltage DC electricity pumped out by the solar solutions. This can lead to electrical risks that can lead to severe injuries, fire, or even death.


In summary, if you want to face a world of headache, go ahead and opt for a cheap solar solution. With easily-damaged solar panels, lousy converters, and more, investing in a cheap solar solution will bring nothing more burdens and holes in your wallet. They also might put your home and your family at risk—something that a reasonable provider would never tolerate! 

On the other hand, if you want something that will provide your home with years of sunlight power, save plenty of money, and reduce your carbon footprint, opt for high-quality installation. The initial investment may be much higher, but it would certainly be easier and more cost-effective in the long run. Plus, you can rely on an excellent installation to be safe and efficient. It can give you peace of mind knowing that you were treated to safe and clean power to fuel your life.

Hybrid Energy Concepts are specialists in solar energy solutions, offering residential and commercial solar, batteries, support, and more. If you are looking for the best solar panels in New South Wales, work with us today!

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