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What to Know About Off Grid and On Grid

Solar panels are one of the most universally beneficial technologies that are steadily becoming accessible to the public. Large-scale corporations, tech giants, and even homeowners have the chance to utilize this energy-saving solution, making it a cost-effective, technological upgrade that can benefit communities worldwide. Solar panels can cut off hundreds to thousands of dollars from […]

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How to Convince Your Boss to Make the Switch to Solar Panels

Solar panels are a practical and clean way to absorb energy from the sun. It converts sunlight, composed of tiny particles called photons, and uses it to power homes, offices, businesses, or even cars. If you are in a position to talk to your boss about investing in solar panels, do not hesitate. It is […]

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Home Solar Panels 101 - How to Maintain Your Solar Panels

All signs point to ultimate doom. With the Doomsday Clock dangerously creeping close to midnight, the COVID-19 virus spreading and mutating across the globe, the Australian bushfire crisis, and climate change accelerating, it wouldn’t be an idiotic statement if someone pointed out that the Mayans mistook ‘2012’ for ‘2021.’ The End of the World? Many […]

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Alternative Energy - Should You Buy Solar Panels in 2021

Alternative energy hasn’t been a novel idea in the past few decades. However, greater attention to increasing energy prices and the earth's sustainability has skyrocketed the appeal of renewable energy sources. For this reason, many households in Australia are becoming more open to installing solar panels for their homes. Should You Invest in Alternative Energy […]

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What You Need to Know about Cleaning Solar Panels

Over the past years, solar energy solutions have become even more popular because of their many benefits. The most significant benefit is that it helps save the environment as a growing number of households become less dependent on traditional electricity. Since solar energy gets its power from the sun’s heat, this also eliminates electricity bills, […]

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9 Reasons to Switch to Renewable Energy in Australia

Concerns about climate change and its effects have resulted in a worldwide call to cut emissions and switch to more sustainable ways of working and living. One such way is renewable energy, which enables industries such as transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing to continue being productive while lessening their impact on the environment. While large corporations […]

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