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All About Residential Solar Panels and Why Australia Needs Them

Posted By info@hybridenergyconcepts.com

The sun is a never-ending source of heat energy, which is why scientists continue to develop technologies that harness alternative sources like solar power. Clean energy is the newest trend in Australia, as the heatwaves experienced by most Australian states can generate tons of heat, with a climate that is practically sunny almost all year round. 

Solar energy is nothing like it used to be, as so many companies are making cutting-edge equipment readily available for home use. Residential solar panels are now more affordable and more effective than they were a decade ago. In fact, the difference is practically night and day, with even greater returns in today’s world than before. Here are the benefits of harnessing the sun’s power for you via a home solar panel array:

Your Carbon Footprint Becomes Smaller

Residential solar panels produce zero carbon emissions than fossil fuels and coal energy. Once you’ve hooked your home up to a solar array, this reduces the need to use unsustainable energy forms, which in turn reduces your carbon footprint. Your electricity bills will lower significantly, provided that you are responsible with consumption once the array is set up. The most significant part is that remote living becomes possible because it gives a home a certain degree of independence from traditional power sources. 

You Can Be a Candidate for Feed-In Tariffs

Not only can solar power reduce your electricity bills, but it can also provide you with incentives when you save enough electricity to send back to your city’s main electricity grid. Energy providers will then buy this at a small price called the feed-in tariff to lower overall expenses and act as a kind of credit because of all the excess power you’re producing. 

They are Very Reliable Sources of Electricity

If you live in an area where power is intermittent, having residential solar panels installed can give you electricity whenever you need it, as long as the days are sunny and bright. The energy gathered that isn’t used can be stored in a unit, which will allow it to stack up for days when more electricity is needed. 

New Solar Panels Are Robust and Reliable

Once your home solar panel system is installed, it will rarely need to be replaced or touched. Some providers even offer a lifetime warranty because of how reliable and strong their cells are made, which usually only gets damaged by heavy hail storms or fallen fruits and branches from trees. While they are incredibly durable, they will sometimes need cleaning and routine maintenance to ensure that the cells are taking in an ample amount of light. Some areas of Australia have dustier conditions, which affects the way solar panels generate electricity. 

Australia’s Conditions Are Perfect for Residential Solar Panels

Having a home hooked up to solar panels is a great way to take advantage of Australia’s climate and weather conditions. Since some Australian areas are hotter than others, this can produce more heat energy, making the panels work well. However, there are also days where the climate cools down but stays bright, which is perfect for absorbing heat. The issues people have with these panels relate to times where it snows or when there are winter seasons with less light, which Australia seldomly faces. 

Take Note of Your Electricity Consumption Habits

While a solar array for your home is a great way to generate free and clean energy, this doesn’t mean that you can just hook your home up and leave it to run. Running home solar panel products still won’t generate incredible amounts of electricity than coal power’s effectiveness, which means you’ll need to make lifestyle shifts. 

Some people recommend taking a look at your consumption habits and listing them down, as no two days generate the same amount of electricity. It still boils down to the day’s conditions because cloudy days will produce much less solar heat energy than a sunny or clear day. Many homeowners who have reliable electricity distribution habits usually unplug unnecessary appliances, run laundry cycles less frequently and at the right time. 

It also helps to shut all lights whenever you exit a room and try to use natural light during the day as much as possible. Run appliances during the day when the sun is at its peak to take advantage of the solar energy while leaving less heavy-duty devices for the evening when night falls. Lights are relatively low on consumption provided that they are LEDs, meaning that you can have them running more often than not. However, keeping the HVAC system on all day will suck up power and cause a counter-effect towards the installed residential solar panels. 

The trick to keeping consistent and happy with your home solar panel system is modifying your consumption habits. If you continue to be heavy with electricity usage, this will still start to take electricity from the power grid, contributing to a larger utility bill. It can always help you always be mindful of what you plug and what you run at different times, so logging these moments down will significantly help you. 

Solar Power Has a Ways to Go

The scientists working on perfecting solar energy harnessing methods aren’t going to stop here. More products are being released slowly into the market that isn’t limited to photovoltaic solar panels. You have concentrated solar thermal technologies that heat fluids to produce steam and generate clean electricity. This additional method opens up doors to other potential projects and uses for solar panels and the science behind them. 


Residential solar panels are a great way to go green in Australia, as taking advantage of the climate and temperature will generate returns on the initial investments made. The benefits of using solar energy to power your home are great, and these can save tons of money down the line. 
Hybrid Energy Concepts are specialists in providing residential and commercial solar panels for people who wish to go green in Australia. In a world that’s becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental choices, solar panels are an excellent way to take the first step. Contact us to learn more about our provisions of energy level 2 in solar technologies.

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