Home Solar Panels 101 - How to Maintain Your Solar Panels

All signs point to ultimate doom. With the Doomsday Clock dangerously creeping close to midnight, the COVID-19 virus spreading and mutating across the globe, the Australian bushfire crisis, and climate change accelerating, it wouldn’t be an idiotic statement if someone pointed out that the Mayans mistook ‘2012’ for ‘2021.’

The End of the World?

Many believe that the world is close to the end—that humanity’s time is slowly inching to its conclusion. It would be understandable to think that everything happening now indicates humankind’s impending doom! It seems like we are all in a tunnel with no light at the end, just darkness and damnation.

Don’t lose hope yet! Many times has humankind been threatened with the end of the world: the two World Wars, the rising threat of nuclear war, the “Y2K bug,” and now, the COVID-19 virus. Amidst widespread concern, people continued to brave through those dark days and have survived up to this point. Many signs may point to doom, but there is still a way to turn things around!

 A Promise of Hope

The entire world may be in shambles, and everything seems to be going wrong, but there is still a chance for things to go right! Hopeless as it may seem, you have a significant impact on how our world can become.

By taking the necessary steps, you can help make that ray of hope become a reality! No action is too little when it comes to protecting and preserving the environment. You have the power to help the environment and save the Earth—solar power, to be exact.

The Solar-Powered Light at the End of the Tunnel

According to the Australian Parliament House, Australia’s electricity sector is the country’s largest contributor to greenhouse gas pollution, totalling 35 per cent of the total emissions. However, the government has agreed to reduce its greenhouse emissions, intending to meet the following targets:

As admirable as the goals are, the Australian government can’t do everything by itself. As a citizen of this country, you are also responsible for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in your own way—no matter how small. Instead of relying on the usual power supply for your electricity, why not switch to solar power to streamline the process?

Compared to coal, oil, and gas, solar power represents a clean and green energy source. By installing residential solar panels on your property, you are helping preserve the environment while also aiding the government meet its greenhouse gas emission targets.

The Great Thing About Going Solar

People use different natural resources to produce electricity, such as coal, gas, and water. Unfortunately, these energy sources cause pollution, contributing to the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce the environmental impact of your electricity usage, you can get your electricity from one of the most powerful energy sources—the sun!

Installing solar panels can do more for you than you think! Harnessing the sun’s energy through solar panels doesn’t just make a significant difference to the planet but also your own home.

Depending on the size of your solar panel system and your daily electricity usage, you can save a lot on your monthly power bill. You may be hesitant to purchase residential solar panels because they look like they need a lot of care—but surprisingly, solar energy systems don’t require a lot of maintenance!

Maintaining Your Home Solar Panels

As a homeowner, you’re responsible for ensuring that your house is in tip-top shape. Regular inspection, maintenance, and repair are necessary so that every area of the home is sure to be working well, thus giving you a comfortable and happy home life.

Just like your roof, plumbing, and HVAC system, your solar panels also need to be cared for just the same. Since solar panels are installed on the roof above your head, they may slip your mind to watch after. However, you should avoid forgetting to have your solar energy system looked at by a professional from time to time!

On Solar Panel Inspections

A qualified electrician must periodically look at your home solar panels to ensure that they are performing as designed, nothing is undermining their performance, and all components are operating correctly. For residential solar electric power systems, it’s recommended to have a complete electrical inspection every few years.

If you’re worried about any issues developing in between inspections, you can set up a solar panel monitoring system. With solar monitoring, you can:

The monitoring software will make it easier to check up on your solar panels, so you can make the necessary adjustments when needed!

Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Since your solar panels are installed on your roof, they will be constantly exposed to many environmental factors. As such, it’s crucial to ensure that they are cleaned and maintained for top efficiency. Residential solar panels don’t require as much cleaning, especially if you have one of the highest quality solar electric power systems.

The best solar panels would have the latest solar panel and inverter technology improvements, like panel optimisers and cutting silicon cells in half—so they should be more resistant to shading and dirt buildup. Furthermore, in Australia, if your solar panels are tilted at five degrees or higher, then you won’t need to worry too much about cleaning the solar panels, as the heavy rainfall will get rid of the dirt on the panels and buildup. However, if your solar panels are installed flat on the roof and are subject to unusual conditions, they may need to be cleaned more regularly.


The world is far from the end! As long as we work together and take the right steps in protecting the environment, humankind is sure to survive for another millennium. Do your part in saving Mother Earth by switching to a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle—source your electricity from residential solar panels! Make sure to have them inspected and maintained regularly so that they will last for many more years.

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